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Qualitative Fieldwork.
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Fed up of inarticulate respondents? Wonder if that person is just posturing? Respondents always arriving late?

Reliable, trustworthy respondents are vital to your work. That's why prechecking all respondents before they arrive at your session is a big part of ours. If we don't think they fit, we don't want them to come. It's as simple as that.

Dedicated, trustworthy, professional. These are just some of the words used by our clients to describe our service as a field agency. We pride ourselves on our "can do" attitude. We have the experience to know what is achievable and we never commit to anything we can't deliver.

Our clients value our honest approach to fieldwork. We think you will, too.

We recruit respondents from all walks of life. From opinion leaders and purchasing managers to housewives and car owners. We also carry out large volumes of medical research. No job is too big or too small and we are always happy to help when others let you down.